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How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Surgeon for You?

People gravitate towards cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance and boost their self-esteem. Even though these cosmetic procedures produce life-long changes, they may also leave permanent consequences if not done correctly.

A series of diagnostic tests like X-rays, ECG, and blood tests, are done to assess the prospective client’s overall health.

Some people take anti-anxiety treatments before the surgery to help them relax and pacify their worries. Meanwhile, others anticipate post-surgery pain and look for remedies to expedite the healing process.

Aside from doing these tests and preparations, people who will undergo cosmetic surgery should also choose the surgeon who will perform the operation.

This decision can make or break the whole process of your cosmetic surgery. Listed here are some of the considerations you must reflect on before booking a surgical appointment.

Considerations When Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

To maximize the positive and life-changing effects of cosmetic surgery, you should take time to assess the surgeon that will perform the operation.

Below are some things to evaluate before booking an appointment.

1. Credibility

The most crucial factor that needs to be considered when picking a surgeon is their credibility.

Potential clients are advised to check if the prospective surgeon is licensed or board-certified by a constitutional entity like the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).

The ABPS conducts examinations and issues certificates to qualified applicants to promote safe and ethical plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgeons with this certification underwent rigorous training and process to obtain their status.

Affirming these experts’ credibility allows clients to avoid working with unqualified surgeons and attain the best possible result of cosmetic surgery.

Question to Ask Yourself:

  • Does this doctor have a degree in cosmetic surgery?
  • Does he have a license to operate?
  • Does this doctor have enough training for this procedure?

2. Specialization

Every doctor has their strengths and specialization.

Besides factoring in their background and credibility, you should consider how they can efficiently and effectively perform the surgery.

Clients should evaluate the surgeon’s expertise and if it suits their aesthetic needs. Note that the best surgeon for breast augmentation may not be the expert for rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

Question to Ask Yourself:

  • Is my doctor known for the surgery I want?
  • Does my doctor have previous experience in performing the surgery that I want?
  • Is there proof of earlier clients testifying that this doctor can execute this procedure?

3. Approach

Each cosmetic surgeon takes a unique approach from other cosmetic surgeons. They have their way of performing a specific procedure and of relating to their patients.

The doctor’s plans and aesthetic approaches for the surgery should be tailored to the client’s goals.

One must look for surgeons who are flexible with their methods and have customizable plans that prioritize the client’s welfare.

Question to Ask Yourself:

  • Am I comfortable with how this doctor wants to go about the procedure?
  • Do I feel safe with this doctor’s approach?
  • Is this the best approach to use for the type of cosmetic surgery I want?

4. Facility

The doctor’s clinic or hospital where the surgery will occur is a significant factor to consider before choosing the surgeon to work with. It entails the sanitation of the equipment and tools that will be used during the operation.

The facility’s location indicates the overall atmosphere of the surgery process and the availability of amenities that can be used before, during, and after the surgery.

It is recommended to research the legitimacy of the hospital or clinic the surgeon is associated with.

Question to Ask Yourself:

  • Where does the surgeon want to perform the surgery?
  • Is the doctor’s facility credible?
  • Does the facility have all that I need from surgery preparation to recovery?

5. Trust

Having an excellent professional relationship with the surgeon can make the procedure lighter and more bearable.

Patrons go back to the surgeons who are skilled enough for the procedure and are known to be transparent about the procedure’s possible consequences.

The surgeon’s connection and good rapport can boost the client’s confidence and reduce their surgical anxiety.

Question to Ask Yourself:

  • Do I believe in this surgeon’s ability to operate well?
  • Am I comfortable being frank about what I want and the possible issues of the surgery?
  • Is the doctor honest with all the potential side effects of the procedure?

Things to Avoid When Planning to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

When searching for clinics and possible aesthetic practices that can be done to improve physical appearance, note the following things to ensure your safety and security.

1. Terms of Payment

Clients should confirm the cosmetic procedure to be done before placing a downpayment. Note that legitimate cosmetic clinics and surgeons do not ask for payments in advance before clients finalize their appointments.

2. Mobile Services

Cosmetic surgeries should be done in a hygienic location, such as in hospitals and clinics.

Doctors who offer surgeries at home or in a hotel can be suspicious. It is best to ensure the validity of the institution preceding the surgery.

3. Online Advertisements

People who plan to go through cosmetic surgeries should be aware of the false advertisements on social media and other websites to avoid scams.

Free discount codes and vouchers should be verified with trusted and secure health facilities and certified doctors.

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