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Top Features of the Best Order Processing Software

Order-processing software is an important part of an eCommerce business, whether it is big or small. Fortunately, entrepreneurs using reliable eCommerce platforms enjoy great order-processing capabilities that are part of the package. But even with such a solution from an eCommerce platform, the vendors should know more about the top features of the best order-processing software to know what they will use.

That said, this article will discuss the features of an order management system and how they benefit a vendor.

Centralized Order Processing

An eCommerce business should have a centralized order-processing point no matter the number of marketplaces a vendor uses under the same platform. This makes it easy to coordinate orders and report to both the platform managers and the vendors. If you are looking for the best solutions now to start your eCommerce operation, ensure that this feature is centralized.

Order Tracking with Order-Processing Software

Apart from having centralized order processing, every vendor will greatly benefit from an order-tracking capability. Your customers will trust the processes because they can see each step of their order on the portal from checkout to delivery. According to experts, this has increased transparency, especially when the processes are accurate. Because they are automated, the customers can see them in real-time.


The software and platforms of today work well when they are integrated with other solution providers. Today, you may not understand how order-processing software works because it is integrated with your eCommerce solution. All you will enjoy are the benefits of such integrations. Virto Commerce is a great example of a solution that has embraced integration to ensure that the order management feature is working perfectly.

Customer Management

Customers are the king in any business. When there are complaints and feedback, it is recommended to take them seriously. Order-processing software should collect, analyze, and manage feedback to help take care of the customers. With this, your eCommerce will enjoy amazing benefits that are unmatched. Ensure that you can access the customer management reports and information at all times.

Payment Gateways

Order-processing software helps buyers complete their online purchases and pay for goods and services before they are delivered. A good one should have multiple payment options that are secure, fast, and accurate. This means having a fraud check capability as well. Most importantly, it should support multiple payment systems.

Inventory Management with Order-Processing Software

What is order-processing software without inventory management capabilities? Of course, a great eCommerce platform offers this as part of the package. Vendors should appreciate the fact that order management software is a robust solution that works at the back end to manage inventory and report on the same. The settings and capabilities vary from one eCommerce platform to another.


Great order-processing software may provide more than the features we have discussed here. Checking critically will help you choose the best eCommerce platform or order management platform if this is what you want right now. It is all for the benefit of your eCommerce, and you should not compromise on what you need.

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